Ramon Avalos

b 1969 (Michoacán, Mexico)

Repeated arcs of dense coloured wax indicate the artist's physical process, obscuring the paper with a dark iridescent and all-consuming glow.

Creative Growth Art Center

The centre is the world’s first non-profit art centre dedicated to serving adults with developmental, physical, emotional and mental disabilities. Founded in 1974 by psychologist Elias Katz and educator Florence Ludins-Katz, the centre continues to develop as a professional studio environment.

The adjoining gallery is the world’s first exhibition space for artists with disabilities and was started with an NEA grant in 1978.  The gallery presents seven in-house exhibitions annually and collaborates with leading contemporary artists, galleries and museums, including Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Berkeley Art Museum in California and White Columns in New York. Support is provided by individuals and organisations, as well as major grants.


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