Romina Bafaro

b 1983 (Ehingen, Germany)

Painterly abstracts and pencil drawn sketches document this humorous artist's daily cable wrangling routine with technical and lyrical precision.

Atelier 5

Situated in a small village in the Schwäbische Alb, the studio is part of an institution which is home to 500 people with intellectual and mental disabilities. It is the first of its kind in Germany and offers full support, education, employment and accommodation.

The studio is housed in a former post office. Participating artists work independently and it is left to them to decide what material they want to use, at what pace they want to work and with what purpose and objective. Assistance comes in only when an artist asks for it.

The work produced is original and individual. It evidences an intuitive approach to artistic creation and a sophisticated engagement between the artist and their work.


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