Rudolf Bodmeier

b 1960 (Germany)

Rudolf Bodmeier was born in May 1961 in Munich. Since his early childhood, with the age of 4 years, he passed his life in various special institutions for the educationally disadvantaged. With the age of 13 he was delivered by force to the psychiatric clinic for about one year. Afterwards he entered the workshops for the handicapped of Stiftung Attl in Bavaria, where he worked for various metalworking productions. He created all his huge artistic oeuvre just in his spare time. In November 2008, Bodmeier joined the atelier hpca in Oberschleissheim, and started working there full time as an artist.

atelier hpca - Heilpädagogisches Centrum Augustinum

Heilpaedagogisches Centrum Augustinum (HPCA) is an institution for mentally disadvantaged artists, comprising of a studio community, a gallery and an art collection.

The studio is a supervised communal space where adults are encouraged to work as freelance, independent, commercial artists. It offers drawing, painting and graphic arts, as well as sculpture, supported by professional art assistants.


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