What follow are a series of conversations and essays with some of the world’s leading directors of studios for self-taught artists with developmental and other disabilities. To read or print, simply click on the title.

  • Conversations

  • Conversation with Christiane Cuticchio, Atelier Goldstein by The Museum of Everything

    Former set and costume designer Christiane Cuticchio is the founder of Atelier Goldstein in Frankfurt, Germany. Co-curator of Weltenwandler: Der Kunst Der Outsider at Schirn Kunstalle Frankfurt (2010), Cuticchio has curated several exhibitions including Interchange at the Guangdong Museum of Modern Art (2008). Artists from Goldstein in Exhibition #4 include Hans–Jörg Georgi and Stefan Häfner.

  • Conversation with Dr Johann Feilacher, Studio Gugging by The Museum of Everything

    Trained as a psychiatrist, Feilacher is an artist, curator and director of the Art/Brut Center Gugging. He has co-curated several exhibitions including Weltenwandler at Schirn Kunstalle Frankfurt (2010) and Arnulf Rainer's Art Brut at La Maison Rouge in Paris (2005). Artists include Leonhard Fink and Gunther Schutzenhofer.

  • Conversation with Axel Klöss-Fleischmann, Atelier 5 by The Museum of Everything

    Art therapist Klöss-Fleischmann is director of Atelier 5 at Mariaberg Werkstatt, Germany's first large-scale communal facility for people with intellectual and mental disabilities. Exhibitions include Skulpturen im Kloster (2011) and Begegnungen (2001). Artists include Romina Bafaro, Roland Kappel and Marco Schmitt.

  • Conversation with Peter Heidenwag, Galerie der Villa by The Museum of Everything

    Trained in psychology, art philosophy and music, Heidenwag is director of Galerie der Villa, Germany. Co-curator of Mehr als zu viel / More than too much (2011), Zusammenspiel / Interplay (2009), ect., publications include Mehr als zu viel (2011), Zusammenspiel (2010), Reflexion von Sprache bei Harald Stoffers (2011) and Brief / Letters. Harald Stoffer (2004). Artists include Harald Stoffers, Thomas Beisgen and Bernd Ollhorn.

  • Conversation with Hiroshi Imanaka, Atelier Incurve by The Museum of Everything

    Trained as an architect and designer, Imanaka is founder and director of Atelier Incurve, Japan's most progressive studio for artists with developmental disabilities. Exhibitions include the Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York (2008) and the Suntory Museum, Tempozan (2008). Artists include Katsuhiro Terao and Tomoyuki Shinki.