What follow are a series of conversations and essays with some of the world’s leading directors of studios for self-taught artists with developmental and other disabilities. To read or print, simply click on the title.

  • Conversations

  • Conversation with David Byrne & Tom di Maria, Creative Growth by The Museum of Everything

    Musician, artist, writer, filmmaker and cycling activist, Byrne is the founder of record label Luaka Bop and principal songwriter of the band Talking Heads. Winner of Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and other awards, Byrne's work as a visual artist includes Playing the Building at London's Roundhouse (2009). Byrne was a contributor to Exhibition #1. Curator and filmmaker di Maria is a former assistant director at the Berkeley Art Museum at UC Berkeley and director of Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California. Exhibitions include Create at the Berkley Art Museum (2011) and Glossalia: Languages of Drawing at the Museum of Modern Art (2008). Di Maria was a speaker during Exhibition #1.

  • Conversation with Anne-Francoise Rouche, CEC La Hesse by The Museum of Everything

    b 1968 (Vielsalm, Belgium) A fine art graduate of L’Institut des Beaux-Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, AnneFrançoise Rouche is founder and director of CEC La Hesse, Belgium. Artists from the studio have been exhibited worldwide, including Madmusée, Belgium (2011), Le Centre Historique Minier de Lewarde, France (2011) and Gaia Museum, Denmark (2009). Eight artists from CEC La Hesse are presented in Exhibition #4.

  • Conversation with Dr Elisabeth Telsnig, Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich by The Museum of Everything

    b 1953 (Graz, Austria) Art historian Dr Elisabeth Telsnig PhD has been working with mentally disabled people in the Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich for over 15 years. Since 1997 she has been the mentor of artist Josef Hofer. Exhibitions of his work include the Galerie Christian Berst, Paris (2011) and Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne (2003). Her publications on Hofer include Unlocking the Human Form, Raw Vision 55 (2006) and Euward 2004: Josef Hofer, Robert Burda and Florival Candeias (2004).